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Enjoy The Outdoors With A Floating Pool Umbrella

Sun Defender Aqua Shade: The LARGEST Patented Floating Umbrella For The Pool, Lake, or Beach

Works in the wind

120 lbs of stability

Largest Floating Shade

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Why Use The Aquashade Base?

The Aquashade Base allows for the floatation of industry standard patio umbrellas (1.5" poles) up to 9' foot in diameter (most common size). Making it the largest floating umbrella on the market. It allows for you to use your own existing umbrella or purchase the perfect color and size for your water or land application.

Plus the Aquashade Base can be transformed into and Ice Bucket to create your own floating oasis.


We invite you to compare with any floating shade out there; once you do you will see there really is no comparison.

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Aquashade Base
(use your own umbrella)


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