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Enjoy The Outdoors With A Floating Pool Umbrella

Sun Defender Aqua Shade: The LARGEST Patented Floating Umbrella For The Pool, Lake, or Beach

Works in the wind

120 lbs of stability

Largest Floating Shade

Free Shipping

Why Use The Aquashade Base?

The Aquashade Base allows for the floatation of industry standard patio umbrellas (1.5" poles) up to 9' foot in diameter (most common size). Making it the largest floating umbrella on the market. It allows for you to use your own existing umbrella or purchase the perfect color and size for your water or land application.

Plus the Aquashade Base can be transformed into and Ice Bucket to create your own floating oasis.


We invite you to compare with any floating shade out there; once you do you will see there really is no comparison.

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Aquashade Base
(use your own umbrella)


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See our Frequently Asked Questions to answer those thoughts you are having right now or just click on your choice above.

Why Buy
Sunny days are just ahead!
Order your floating shade now to get it shipped in time.
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Are you looking to add some shade to your swimming pool? Look no further than Sun Defender! Our Floating Aquashade Base provides a way to use your outdoor umbrella to keep cool and protected from the sun all summer long. Our patented design allows the umbrella to float freely in any pool or lake, regardless of wind conditions. Plus, our exclusive quick-release system makes setup and takedown a breeze! So don't miss out - order your Sun Defender pool umbrella system today!

Enjoy More Hot Weather!

When the temperatures start to climb, and the sun is at its highest, there's no better way to enjoy a pool day than by using Sundefender! With our Floating Sun Defender Shade Base, you can relax under the shade of your favorite outdoor umbrella.

The patented design of the Aquashade Base is compatible with umbrellas with 1.5-inch poles or smaller, which are by far the most popular sizes. The Sun Defender base is rugged polyethylene, fills with water, and provides up to 120 lbs of stability. And it doubles as a small tabletop or a cooler for your drinks.

With multiple anchor points located on the top and bottom, you can easily tether it to a dock or swim platform or attach anchors to keep it in place in your swimming pool. Or The quick-release system makes setup and takedown a breeze - detach the umbrella from the base, and you're good to go!

Make The Most of Every Summer Day!

Sundefender is perfect for any pool lover who wants to enjoy more hot weather! When you purchase a Floating Aquashade Base, this ingenious device brings your swimming pool to the next level!

The Umbrella Holder is compatible with umbrellas that measure up to 10 feet in diameter, so it's perfect for family gatherings or significant events. In addition, with a generous 120 lb weight capacity, the Aquashade Base can accommodate compatible outdoor umbrellas - even windy days!

So don't miss out on this summer essential - order your Sun Defender today! Supplies are limited, and they're selling out quickly!

What Are The Benefits Of Sun Defender?

With the Sun Defender, you can easily create the shaded space you've always wanted in your swimming pool or swimming hole. And, you can keep your favorite drinks (please - no glass!) right nearby.

  • Enjoy the best of all worlds! Sun, shade, and water all at the same time.

  • Our patented design allows the umbrella to float effortlessly in any pool or lake, even on windy days

  • The exclusive quick-release system makes setup and takedown a breeze!


Sun Defender is the perfect pool accessory that you need for more summer fun and convenience. Order yours today!

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