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A good floating umbrella design will allow you to move around with it often without breaking apart. Floating umbrellas from reputable providers will typically be designed for easy assembly and dismantling and make for a great addition when going for a camping trip. It is also preferable that a floating umbrella be of a size that does not make it hard for you to carry it around. Its height and breadth should allow you to carry it in your RV without some parts hanging out of the vehicle during travel.


A good floating shade umbrella should be able to withstand strong winds, hot sun and strong rains. It should have a strong base that cannot be shaken even during strong winds. A floating umbrella without a strong base will soon be ruined by weather elements because it has not been built to withstand them. The umbrella should not be made of aluminum. This is because aluminum has no ability to bend with the wind, meaning strong winds would break it. Fiberglass on the other hand can bend when the winds blow. That is why aluminum floating umbrellas do not last as long as those made of fiberglass.

Aesthetically appealing

You will from time to time need to travel with your floating umbrella. It is therefore important that when you are buying one you choose an umbrella that looks good when it is set up. It also doesn’t hurt to have a visually appealing floating umbrella in your backyard. You can use it as part of the art around your home.

There are certain characteristics that make a floating umbrella a must-have for outdoor water activities. These include:

It is easy to set up and dismantle

Setting up a floating umbrella is a very easy task. Some floating umbrellas providers take time to show their customers how to set it up and how to disassemble it. All the same, even without any expert help, setting up and disassembling a floating umbrella is not a complicated undertaking. It is designed this way to make it easy for people to travel with it to the lakes and seas or wherever else they want to go take part in outdoor water activities.

It is made of a fabric that does not allow the sun’s UV rays to pass through

Skin cancer is expected to kill over 10,000 people in 2016. These are people who have been exposed to the sun’s UV rays that damage the skin. The use of a floating umbrella is supposed to adequately shield you from these rays. The floating umbrella is made of a fabric that is strong enough to withstand the sun’s rays even during its strongest moments.