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Operation and Warranty

Made in The USA

Image by Lee Jeffs

The Sun Defender floating umbrella is designed for the flotation of a single umbrella and internal drinks only. It is not an approved US COASTGUARD LIFE SAVING device, personal flotation device, or swim aid. It is not intended for use around unsupervised children. It will not support standing, sitting or leaning on the base without effecting the stability of the umbrella.

It is designed to keep your umbrella upright and stable in calm and mild wind conditions only. Use of this product in any form outside of its stated purpose can result in damage or injury and rejection of warranty.



Subject to terms and conditions of third party umbrella manufacturer.

Aqua Shade ( Base Only ) Floatation Device not included

1 year from date of purchase.

Every Floating Umbrella is Made in the USA!

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