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How The Aqua Shade Floating Umbrella Started

The Sun Defender Floating Umbrella Story

The Sun Defender Aqua Shade floating umbrella was created in 2011 as a backyard hobby. Since a portable lightweight floating shade could not be found, the hobby was born. Over the years several different design approaches were considered until one design that seemed the simplest and most user-friendly was developed. Along the way it gathered the attention of friends and acquaintances who suggested marketing the design. After a subsequent patent the Aqua Shade is now available to you.

Sun Denfender Floating Umbrella 20.jpg

Floating umbrellas offer the much-needed protection from the sun’s UV rays that damage the skin. Being outdoors while the sun is at its hottest can be a death sentence. A floating umbrella stops these rays from getting to you allowing you to enjoy the outdoors with no worry whatsoever. Many people hide indoors when the summer’s scorching sun shows up. The pool in their backyard is forsaken because they fear being out in the sun. A floating umbrella is designed to shelter you from the sun and allow you to participate in the outdoor water activities you love.

Our Story


You and your family can take pleasure in water sports including canoeing, kayaking, and fishing among others. 


You can also organize beach parties and take advantage of the beautiful beaches.

Our Location

Based out of Lewisville TX, the online store opened in September 2015.

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