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How Do You Shade A Pool?

How do you shade a pool?

Many homeowners with a swimming pool have this question! While it's great to soak in the sun, having a bit of shade is always nice, too.

If you're searching for inspiration to shade your pool, here are a few helpful ideas worth considering.

Sun Sails - Sun sails are an attractive and creative way to make shade by your pool. There are several styles of sun sails from which to choose, making them a flexible shade-creating solution.

Pool Cabana - A pool cabana is a freestanding structure that can get built beside your pool. It protects you from the sun while providing the cool vibes of being near water. Pool cabanas are also perfect outdoor entertainment spaces when no one is swimming!

Cantilevers - Pool shade structures that cantilever or slope out from your pool can be a fantastic way to provide a shaded area for you and your family to relax at the water's edge.

Pergolas - Certain types of pergola construction can provide a great deal of poolside shade. For instance, an arched arbor or a slatted pergola can offer poolside shade without taking up too much pool space.

Freestanding Canopies - Freestanding canopies are another flexible way to create shade by your pool area. These canopies can be circular or square and can often include awnings and other features.

Sun Defender Pool Umbrellas - Among the most flexible solutions for creating a shaded space by your pool are Sun Defender Pool Umbrellas. With these innovative pool umbrellas, you don't even have to bother getting out of the water or investing in a significant build or upgrade to your swimming pool. Learn more about the types of umbrellas that can go in the pool.

More importantly, Sun Defender Pool Umbrellas don't require installation, maintenance, or removal in the winter months. Put them up when the swimming season starts and take them down when it's time to close the pool. That makes these pool umbrellas among the most hassle-free options when looking to provide shade near your water feature.

There are several benefits to investing in Sun Defender Pool Umbrellas:

Durability - These umbrellas get constructed with high-end, commercial-grade materials.

Convenience - These umbrellas offer an easy open and close system that is effortless for you, your family members, and guests.

Simplicity - These umbrellas are practically effortless to install and remove, making them the easiest way to create shade by - or inside your pool.

Create A Pool Party Anywhere!

The Sun Defender Floating Shade Product is also ideal for use at the beach or the lake, so you can literally "take it with you," it's the largest floating shade available today. And, the Aqua Shade Base transforms into an ice bucket to keep your beverages super cool!


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