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What Kind Of Umbrella Can Go In The Pool?

As a pool owner, you might have considered using an umbrella to provide shade around your pool or deck. After all, having a pool is like having your private resort during the hot summer months. Here we'll review some of the different pool and deck umbrella options available.

Deck Umbrella

The first kind of umbrella that may come to mind is the deck umbrella, also known as a cantilever shade. These umbrellas are typically 9 feet in diameter and sit atop a round pole. The pole gets inserted into a hole in your pool deck or patio. Because these umbrellas are so large, it's essential to take safety precautions, such as fastening the pole to a concrete slab.

Umbrella with Stand

Another option is to use a smaller umbrella that's kept in position using an accompanying metal stand. If you choose this option, make sure there's enough room for the umbrella to spin around without hitting anything. Again, it would be best to consider how windy your area is because a strong gust of wind may be able to topple the umbrella.

Floating Pool Umbrella

If you're looking for a way to provide shade in your pool without having to drill anything into concrete or affixing your umbrella to the ground, consider investing in a Floating Pool Umbrella from Sun Defender. As the only floating and retractable pool umbrella on the market, it provides comfort and convenience to pool owners everywhere. This floating shade for the pool is not only affordable if you don't want to use an umbrella, but the base can also get used as the ultimate ice bucket to keep your favorite beverages cold as your swim (or float!)

Create Your Backyard Oasis

With an array of pool umbrellas and canopies available, it's easy to create your backyard oasis. Floating Pool Umbrella from Sun Defender provides you with a comfortable and convenient way to shade the pool without having to drill anything into concrete or affixing your umbrella to the ground.

As you might imagine, this is a fantastic addition to your backyard pool, as it provides a bit of shade even while you're enjoying time in the swimming pool.

With multiple product options available, homeowners with swimming pools choose to use a floating umbrella or a floating umbrella with a base. An umbrella can be set up at any time and easily removed when not in use.

In addition, both options can stand up to high winds, helping homeowners find comfort knowing that their new pool accessory will remain stable during inclement weather. A Floating Pool Umbrella from Sun Defender is an excellent addition to any backyard oasis and will help you and your guests enjoy your time in the pool that much more! Learn more about why to get a floating umbrella.

Perfect for the pool or beach, call 1 866-988-SUND (7863) to order yours today!


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